School N° 148 – Arraigo Campesino – Colonias Unidas (Chaco)

School Nº 148 “Arraigo Campesino” is located near Colonias Unidas, Sargento Cabral Department, 120 km from Resistencia the capital city of Chaco Province. It is an alternating education school; its students live from 10 to 20 km away, while others travel more than 100 km to weekly attend the school.

The students’ families are small farmers with lands from 3 to 10 hectares; they grow mainly corn and several vegetables and breed cattle and poultry.

During 2018, they proposed a project to repair pluvial draining, change water system and install male bathroom. The work has been finished and it benefits 140 students and 20 teachers.

Escuela 148 - Fundacion Escolares 5
Escuela 148 - Fundacion Escolares 4
Escuela 148 - Fundacion Escolares 3

Rural Schools Aid Programme 2018

This programme, managed by ESCOLARES, with companies, foundations and private FUNDING, has succeeded in improving schools buildings and infrastructure, equipment and libraries in 26 schools from 3 provinces in Argentina.