With your time

You can work as a volunteer in the different Foundation areas or workshops.
If you are interested please call us to our telephone number (+54011) 4732-1830 or text to

With your money

The economic contributions from individuals and companies are extremely important to finance our work. These contributions can be made by becoming a partner or through donations.


Share the initiative and help us so that more people can join the Foundation. Let us convey wills in favor of education and development in low resources rural areas.


Through this system you can donate a fixed amount every month, which will be debited from your credit card account. With this sum of money you will be helping the programmes and projects carried out by the Foundation.


If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation you can deposit at Banco Santander
Cuenta corriente en pesos n° 8219/6 sucursal 084
CBU 0720084720000000821968
Personally in cash or cheque at ESCOLARES office.

Help Argentina

You can also make a donation through Help Argentina. website

Tax Deductions

Every donation is deductible from the Income Tax Statement of the person or company that makes it. Official records are issued.
FUNDACIÓN ESCOLARES sends the records monthly, if you need them please contact us.