FUNDACIÓN ESCOLARES is a non-profit organization, created in 1981, by a group of people interested in facilitating rural children and youth access to education as well as in promoting local development.

It started delivering books, school supplies, teaching material, clothes and food donations to rural schools in the southern provinces.

As the relationship and work with schools became consolidated, ESCOLARES expanded its area of action to other provinces orienting its intervention strategy towards funding socio-educational projects developed jointly by parents, teachers and community members. It also developed training programs for teachers and parents.

For several years now the foundation has worked, through different programmes, in 14 provinces supporting education and community development hence contributing to improve the living conditions of rural population.

Founders Board

On October 20th, 1981, a group of people led by Guillermina and Alejo Biolcati signed the constitutive act that created FUNDACION ESCOLARES. The first Administrative Board was formed.

  • Guillermina Poverene de Biolcati
  • Alejo Biolcati
  • Salvador Francisco Magaró
  • Graciela María Pachielo de Magaró
  • Rolando Gilberto Rafael Fonseca
  • María Leticia Sormani de Fonseca
  • Julio Alberto Saraví Casco
  • Lilian Carmen Stephens Menéndez de Saraví Casco


“Contribute to sustainable local development promoting the participation of the education community and organizations of the civil society”


Strengthen schools management to improve students’ integral education as well as their employability in rural areas.

Support actions in order to facilitate the articulation among education community, community organizations and local governments, in order to contribute to a sustainable territorial management.

Exert influence on the formulation of education programs and public policies.

Work Team

Our work is carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of educators, agricultural engineers, sociologists, communicators and outreach workers who assist schools and organizations in the design and implementation of projects for the improvement of educational conditions and the quality of life of rural communities.

A group of volunteers, who are committed to creating a fair and more caring society, actively helps in every area and team within the foundation.

Director: Juan Luis Díaz
Project Officer: Horacio Moschen
Cuyo y Centro Regional Officer: Pablo Frere
NOA y NEA Regional Officer: Horacio Moschen
Administrative Officer: Paula Fátila
Communication Officer: Julieta Martínez
Auditor: Mercedes Guarch
Volunteers Officer: Carole Carmody

Administrative Board

President: Osvaldo Mendizabal

Treasurer: José Debuchy

Secretary: Alberto Bunge

Member: Pablo Frere

Member: Juan Luis Díaz

Member: Anna Torres

Member: Ana Pico


Volunteers’ collaboration constitutes a distinctive feature of Fundación Escolares. More than 120 people contribute, with their experience and commitment, to help the Foundation to achieve its objectives

Volunteers organize fundraising events, receive, classify and deliver donations to schools, work in different workshops producing items for sale and collaborate in administrative work.

If you wish to be a volunteer enter


Legal Status

Granted on March 15, 1983 by judicial decisión Nº 000057 of the Inspección General de Justicia de la Nación.

Registered, legajo 2/12106/18, at the Registro Provincial de Organizaciones de la Comunidad (REPOC), of the Dirección Provincial de Relaciones con la Comunidad, from the Secretaría General del Gobierno de la provincia de Buenos Aires.