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Thomas Edison School – Pico Chaco Setting (Córdoba)

Pico Chaco setting is located 13 km away from Cintra town. 15 students attend Thomas Edison school. It used to have much more students in the past but, as many other rural schools, has undergone a migration process, consequence of the productive model change.

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In spite of this, Stella Mary Cuscueta, the school head master, encouraged parents and neighbours to gather and develop a Project called “Protecting our school spaces”. The idea of this project was to improve school facilities, security and the recreational spaces.

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School 908 – La Cañada Setting, Carmen de Areco (Buenos Aires)

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In March, School Number 908, located in Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires Province submitted an initiative called “Water Storage Tank” to improve school access to water. The project was approved and successfully implemented.

To ensure water supply in terms of quantity and quality for the 60 students and 5 teachers a storage tank on a metal structure, connected to the distribution system, was installed.

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School N° 587 – Sancti Spíritu (Santa Fe)

The School Nº 587 is located in Sancti Spíritu town in Santa Fe province. 206 students and 35 teachers attend the school every day. In 2018 it proposed a project to equip the school canteen.

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